The legendary voice talent that is Greg Lincoln introducing his soup…


Great job girls!

We’re proud to have supported Woodford house’s production of Peterpan over the weekend.


Tom’s Tom Yum

He had to do it and Tom pulled off the Thai classic Thom Yum with class. Prawns and Paua in a super fragrant soup with loads of lemongrass, ginger, chilli and lime. It’s not spicy until you’re nose runs and you’re crying (just a little) and this soup cleaned out everyones sinuses, perfect medicine for all the sniffly noses at Band.


Fi’s Delicious Dhal

Amazing Indian aromas wafted through Band this morning when Fi was making Dahl for everyone. Just a simple lentil soup at heart, we figured Dahl’s probably the most consumed soup on the planet. Fi’s was some of the best I’ve tasted for sure. Lot’s of flavour and plenty of spice. Nearly good enough to turn us all vegan …but then there was the buttered Naan.


Al’s ’simple soup’

Leek and Potato, Bacon bones, crusty bread with plenty of butter. Perfect comfort food for a very rainy day.


Reuben’s Tonkotsu Ramen Noodles

My turn this week! I love Tonkotsu Ramen (at least when I order it from Japanese Restaurants I do) But everyone seemed to think my version was alright. ┬áIt’s a very porky noodle soup cooked in pork broth with big slices of braised pork belly.


Nath’s Wonton Soup

After talking down his cooking skills for weeks Nath crept up like a cooking ninja and slapped us in the face with his wonton soup. Delicious homemade pork and prawn dumplings in a chicken broth.


Rachel’s Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup, the classic. Someone had to do it. You could say Rachel was pretty brave to bring ordinary old pumpkin soup to a soup competition, But really there was nothing ordinary about it. Creamy, Sweet, and Delicious.


James’ roasted cauliflower soup

James’ Delivers the goods. A rich and creamy roast cauliflower soup with home-cured bacon and truffle oil. Garnished with freshly cracked pepper of course. So good many of us were tempted to eat more of it than we should and we’re nursing food babies for the rest of the afternoon.